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Our Staff

Sammy Levitt: Levitt (@SammyLev) is a senior at Northwestern from Long Island, New York who has been a part of WNUR since the moment he stepped on campus. He has done play-by-play for 8 different Northwestern athletic programs in his time at NU, and has grown to love the Wildcats and their endearing, underdog persona. He grew up listening to New York’s WFAN, a pioneer of the sports radio format, and has been known to call in to various programs from time to time, even from his new home in the midwest. He bleeds orange and blue for the New York Mets, and loves spending his summer nights at the ballpark in Queens. Sam is also the play-by-play broadcaster for the Orleans Firebirds in the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League.
Joe Misulonas: Misulonas (@jmisulonas) is a Northwestern University senior majoring in Journalism and Political Science. Born and raised in Chicago, he has been rooting for the Wildcats since childhood. Originally, he only supported them to continue his longstanding rivalry with his father (Joseph is a White Sox fan, while his father strangely supports the Chicago Cubs). Now, he can finally attend games and watch the team he’s rooted for as a child. When not watching the Cats, he is most likely watching the White Sox, Bears, Bulls, or Blackhawks. If he’s not watching any of those teams, he’s probably sleeping. His goal in life is to buy the Chicago Cubs and move them to Alaska.
Jim Sannes: Sannes (@JimSannes) is a senior at Northwestern studying broadcast journalism with a minor in political science. He has previously served as WNUR’s Sports Director and Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Sannes hails from the small town of Kasson, Minn, where he grew up as a fan of the Minnesota Twins and New York Jets. During the summer, Sannes works as the lead broadcaster and director of media relations for the Wisconsin Woodchucks of the Northwoods League. A former stats major, Sannes writes statistical columns for WNURSports.com every Monday and numberFire.com every Friday.
Cameron Songer: Songer (@CameronSonger) is a Northwestern University junior studying broadcast journalism and economics. His favorite sport to play and broadcast is basketball. He left San Diego, California to come to Evanston for the wonderful weather, consistent NCAA basketball success and the notorious Northwestern party scene. Maintaining eligibility as an amateur broadcaster is a struggle for Songer, who contemplated hiring an agent before coming to his senses and returning to NU for his third year of broadcasting.
Zach Kisfalusi: Kisfalusi (@zKisfalusi) is a Northwestern University senior hailing from the region best known as Northwest Indiana. The Griffith native came to Northwestern as an Earth and Planetary Science and Geography double major. However, it is his passion for journalism and sports that made him interested in joining the WNUR Sports team. Kisfalusi is very involved on campus with the Hispanic/Latino Community as the Co-President of the H/LSA Freshmen Activities Board and the Campus Outreach Chair of Alianza, the Hispanic/Latino Alliance. Kisfalusi has been a diehard fan of the Big Ten and the Chicago sports scene his whole life, rooting for the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, White Sox, and Fire. An avid golfer, Kisfalusi is a huge fan of Rory McIlroy and dreams of making his game that good. He has previously served as WNUR’s Sports Director and SportsVoice Producer. After graduating, he plans to become a research geologist who solves the world water crisis by untapping more accessible groundwater.
Ben Goren: Goren is a sophomore at Northwestern University, majoring in History. Growing up just 15 minutes from Northwestern’s campus and a son of two Northwestern alumni, he has been following the Wildcats since as long as he can remember. Because he is apparently an incredible masochist, he also follows the Chicago Cubs. And cried the night of the Bartman Incident. Made famous by mind-numbingly stupid bold predictions such as picking a Steve Alford to make a Final Four and picking Penn State to win the 2013 Men’s Big Ten Tournament, Ben Goren has proven that he almost knows something about sports. Kinda.
Nick Scoliard: Scoliard is a sophomore in Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, majoring in Computer Science. He was born in Providence, RI, and is a huge New England sports fan, especially the Patriots. He also plays on the Ultimate Frisbee team at Northwestern, and will talk for hours about frisbee if you ask. Although he doesn’t want to pursue broadcasting as a career, he loves working at WNUR and supporting the Wildcats.
Greg Mroz: Mroz (@GregDMroz) is a junior history major hailing from San Rafael, California. Greg is a worshipper of sports, but the Northwestern Wildcats, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago White Sox, San Jose Sharks, and the Oakland A’s are the teams most dear to him. While he loves all sports, Greg hopes to be calling NHL games on the radio in the future for either the Hawks or the Sharks. While sports broadcasting will be his professional career, Greg is also an amateur rapper, putting into his own words melodies from Bay Area rap greats such as MC Hammer and E-40.
David Tyson: Tyson is a Northwestern sophomore pursuing a double major in International Studies and Economics. Hailing all the way from Wilmette, IL, David has been a Northwestern fan his entire life. Fun fact: The last time Northwestern was at the Rose Bowl, he was there! Also, as a Chicago native, David lives and breathes anything Chicago sports related – even the semiprofessional rugby team the Chicago Stockyarders. David has loved sports his entire life and hopes to pursue a career in sports upon graduation.
Brandon Liebhaber: Liebhaber (@B_Liebhaber) is a senior at Northwestern studying journalism and history. He has been a staff member of WNUR sports for three years. He has also served as sports director for the Northwestern News Network (NNN) and worked in many capacities for the Big Ten Digital Network. Over the summer, he is the broadcaster and director of media for the Chatham Anglers of the Cape Cod Baseball League. When he isn’t broadcasting sports, he’s probably watching them. The Los Angeles native grew up listening to Vin Scully and is a diehard Dodger fan. He also supports the Los Angeles Kings, Clippers and Tottenham Hotspur. His goal is to do MLB play-by-play, but he’d be fine with just about any job that pays him to cover or be around sports.
Eric Klaus: Klaus (@EricKlaus1) Klaus is a Northwestern University junior at the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences majoring in both Statistics and Economics. Having grown up in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, Eric is a very passionate Cubs fan, who is always looking for the chance to talk about baseball. One day, Eric hopes to be a member of an MLB front office, helping to put the best baseball team on the field, ideally for the Chicago Cubs. In addition to his obsession with the Cubs, Eric is also a big fan of the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and of course, the Wildcats.
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