Sportsathon Testimonial: Adam Seidel

Former WNUR Sports Finance Director Adam Seidel (@AdamDSeidel) recount his experience at WNUR and explains how the station got him into calling minor league baseball.

I’m writing this from Bozeman, Montana as I head to bed to rest up for my first appearance as football sideline reporter for Bobcat Sports Properties, the Learfield Sports division that handles all broadcasting for Montana State University. Soon, I’ll be seated courtside for all Bobcat Women’s – and select Men’s – Basketball games. Simply put, I wouldn’t be enjoying this beautiful mountain view – or employment by one of the country’s top syndicates of college sports properties – if it were not for WNUR.

The opportunities presented by WNUR are tremendous for both Wildcat fans and students. For years, WNUR was the only real source of coverage for NU’s repeat championships in Women’s Lacrosse. WNUR remains the exclusive carrier for Wildcat women’s basketball and provides great coverage of the softball and baseball programs. I still tune into WNUR when I need to listen to Wildcat football on the go. The Sportsvoice is the perfect weekly fix of ‘Cat talk in a national media landscape that likes to avoid talking about our teams – even as the obsess over Duke Football’s recent transitory success. For this in-depth, Wildcat devoted coverage to remain intact, the station needs your support today.

It is rare that students at a school receive the radio opportunities offered by WNUR. Whether gaining practice to improve your skills or networking with the influential network of alumni, WNUR is a top name in the world of broadcaster education. I could NEVER have accomplished what I have without many great colleagues to push me and teach me. I would never have been able to learn expand my knowledge of the games I cover without the incredibly friendly relationship WNUR enjoys with the fine people at the NU Athletic Offices. To maintain this incredible network of hardworking students, successful alumni, and a uniquely supportive athletic department, WNUR needs your support today.

WNUR has given NU a long, proud list of alumni in high-profile broadcasting roles across the country, many of whom are graciously contributing to Sportsathon. When I was a junior, Big Ten Network anchor Dave Revsine volunteered to return to WNUR for one night to let the staff pick his brain. It was an incredible gesture for him to take this time out of his busy schedule to give back to his alma mater station. I hope someday to be achieve the success that will earn me an invite to a WNUR meeting so I can give back to the place that gave me so much. For that to be possible – for that room to be filled with a new generation of Eanets, Revsines, and Greenbergs – the station needs your support today.

I earnestly hope you’ll do what you can to support the ONLY home for Wildcat athletics: WNUR.

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