Faces Made for Radio: No Shave November

The WNUR Sports staff acknowledges the true reasons why they are in radio as they embark upon the journey known as No-Shave November. Track their progress throughout the month before eventually voting for the first annual Radio-Face Champion.

Last week, we had several posts for you explaining why many of our staff entered the world of radio. Lifelong dreams, future aspirations, endless opportunities, yadda yadda yadda. In reality, we all did it for the same reason: we are facially challenged. This month, we will exploit this lack of regulation on our appearance and grow beards for No-Shave November. Each week, you will get a peak at the faces behind WNUR (for better or for worse) as we document the struggles, triumphs and glory associated with the greatest month of the entire year. At the end of the month, you will vote and choose which of our competitors was able to grow the best No-Shave November beard, crowning them as the first annual Radio-Face Champion. This first week, we will be down one member as SportsVoice Co-Producer Tralon Williams competes at “The Norton”, one of the most competitive collegiate forensics tournaments of the entire year. Tralon will begin next week, though, joining in the hairy goodness.

Sannes hopes to overcome last year’s failures and catapult himself into radio face glory.

Jim Sannes (@JimSannes)

Scouting Report

  • Co-Sports Director.
  • Biggest strength: Dimples.
  • Biggest weakness: Makes weird faces.

In his own words: “As I enter this competition, I find it hard to not look back upon last year. After 30 days and 30 nights, I had the facial hair of a pre-pubescent hobo. This year, the stakes are high. Joe and Zach provide stiff competition as both can actually grow beards… morale is low. Over and out.”


Zach enjoys the feeling of being clean-shaven but thinks the fuzz will be welcome as winter approaches.

Zach Kisfalusi (@zKisfalusi)

Scouting Report

  • Co-Sports Director.
  • Biggest strength: Luscious lips.
  • Biggest weakness: Perfect hairline; uncommon for radio.

In his own words: “I look fresh now that the beard is gone. Enjoying the look… well, at least until I go outside and feel that Chicago wind.”

Misulonas feels as though the clean-shaven start has hurt him, but hopes to come back strong as the month progresses.

Joe Misulonas (@jmisulonas)

Scouting Report

  • SportsVoice Co-Producer.
  • Biggest strength: Eyes so tantalizing, even Medussa would be jealous.
  • Biggest weakness: Eyes distract from rest of beauty.

In his own words: “If my head were shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as any other man.” These are the immortal words of Samson, shortly before Delilah cuts his hair, rendering him defenseless. This is how I feel as I embark on the journey that is “No Shave November.” My rugged, manly stubble replaced with the smoothness of a new born baby. I fear I have made the wrong choice.”

John’s California roots could make this beard all-the-more important.

John Castellanos (@JJCast15)

Scouting Report

  • Co-Director of Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Biggest strength: Teeth.
  • Biggest weakness: There is but one of him.

In his own words: “To be quite honest, I’ve always been very hesitant to do this. Close friends and family have alluded that I look better clean shaven, and the discomfort of growing facial hair usually makes me shave after about a week at most. Even when I have grown out a beard (this summer) I keep it short and neat, so this is going to be a new experience for me. I’m not 100% I’ll make it through all of November, but if I do, I hope I still have friends and I don’t hate myself too much at the end. Wish me luck.”

Tralon acknowledges that, although challenging, the next thirty days could revolutionize manhood as we know it.

Tralon Williams (@TralonWilliams)

Scouting Report

  • Co-Director of Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Biggest strength: Cuddly goodness.
  • Biggest weakness: Despair after loss of Detroit Tigers.

In his own words: “A man that does great things, is remembered as a great man. A man with great facial hair, is remembered forever a legend. I will embark on a grueling 30 day journey and by the end of it, I will be a legend. No Shave November is one of the most important things in my life because who doesn’t enjoy making the 30 day trip from boy to Viking. Dear God, what have I done.”

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