Winner of 2013 WNUR Sports Bowl Challenge: Sam Block

Because of his utter dominance in the 2013 WNUR Sports Bowl Pick ‘Em, we have given champion Sam Block reigns of for a day. Uh oh. Check out the full results here, and check out Sam’s celebratory post below.

by Sam “El Campión” Block

Want to know how to beat a bunch of sports experts in a pick’em? Realize that they don’t know anything—even less than Shannahan knows about player’s health, morals, and ethics.

I made all of my picks strictly off the Vegas lines. The more a team was favored, the higher I ranked them. Except for Northwestern. I put them as my least confident game because there is no way to take your heart out of picking your favorite team, no matter how many times the men’s basketball team tries to rip it out.

And you know what, I won.

The wisdom of crowds is much stronger than the wisdom of sports experts. I always found it strange how the aggregate of fans choice always out-picked any of ESPN’s experts. More tellingly, the computer usually out-picks everyone. As much as sports are played with emotion, we should not pick winners with emotion. So my advice: follow the mantra of one of America’s greatest political parties, the Know Nothings. As individuals, we all know nothing. Especially Jon Rosenberg.

With that, I would ask WNUR to show me the money for winning the pick’em, but this is radio—there’s no money in it.

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