Interview with Northwestern baseball head coach Paul Stevens

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WNUR Public Relations and Finance Director Greg Mroz (@GregDMroz) sits down with Northwestern Wildcats baseball head coach Paul Stevens to talk about the season thus far and preview this week’s action. This segment will also air today during the WNUR Sports Pre-Game Show prior to Northwestern’s game against the University of Illinois-Chicago Flames. WNUR’s pre-game coverage will begin at 2:40 with first pitch scheduled for 3:00. Mroz will be on the call for that game alongside Seth Bernstein (@SethBernstein67). You can hear the game online by clicking here or on the radio at 89.3 FM in the Evanston/Chicago area.


  • Look at Me! My arms are crossed next to my son in the same manner! We’re both badasses! And we both have no business being in Northwestern uniforms!

  • I’ve destroyed so many dreams of educated and talented young men that I recruited to NU! My 2 sons couldn’t get into South Suburban College without my pull as being the worst baseball coach at a Big Ten University. But guess what, I got them 5 years of scholarship money here at NU! WooHoo, American Dream, Babyyyy!

    • I’m glad you finally came clean Paul. All these years you’ve been treating your players like crap. Mike Koplove, He transferred as a soph, and won a world series with the Diamondbacks, but you thought he was no good. You recruited 12 players at a time and only 2 graduated while still playing baseball here. And the walk-ons, you treated them like crap. They busted their ass for you every practice yet somehow threatened your leadership. You recruited those preferred walk-ons and then cut them. It was so funny. They cried in your office and you told them that, “if you were my son, I’d tell you the same thing.” Haha! We both know that’s not true, Paul. You bent over backwards to get your kids into the school and started them wherever they could play. haha! But we’re both on the same team Paul! I just want to eat cookies and be condescending to all these dreamchasers for the rest of my life! I could be a great manager in the big leagues if I had any leadership balls, because I have a natural gift as a born leader and winner and I know this because the person writing this is a former player with character that shouldn’t be compared to your minisculeness, but I’ll just waste my years following you like a drone and agree. Same goes for the guy who coaches the catchers for no pay. He’s a DePaul law grad? Ha, yeah right! He’s a sellout! Had no balls to stand up to you either. What time would you like to meet before home opening next year? I got some brats in the freezer. I don’t think Ron Kline will be able to make it because he saw through you but I’ll be there because I have no balls!

  • Both of you guys can go fuck yourselves.

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