WNUR’s Predictions: Northwestern football versus Western Michigan

The WNUR Sports staff provides their predictions for Saturday’s football contest between the Northwestern Wildcats and the Western Michigan Broncos.

Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Zach Kisfalusi (@zKisfalusi): Northwestern, 45-13. Wildcats play younger players in the second half. Player to Watch: Traveon Henry.

Jim Sannes (@JimSannes): Northwestern, 41-14. Hey, guuuuurl. I see you like interceptions. It just so happens that Northwestern leads the league in that category, and Tyler Van Tubbergen has thrown two in each game for Western Michigan this year. Player to Watch: Dwight White. I see the redshirt freshman joining the crazy train as the ‘Cats get their sixth consecutive multi-interception game.

Christian Flores (@Mr_C_G_Flores): Northwestern, 56-17. So, Northwestern has looked really good. Western Michigan? Not so much. Player to Watch: Zack Oliver should get some quality snaps. Let’s see how much he’s progressed.

John Castellanos (@JJCast15): Northwestern, 58-6. The Wildcats should jump to a quick lead over Western Michigan with their impressive offense and play their reserves during the entire second half. Player to Watch: Treyvon Green. Expect him to break out a long touchdown run in the first quarter, and then rest for the remainder of the game.

Josh Walfish (@JoshWalfish): Northwestern, 48-14. Player to Watch: Matthew Harris.

Tralon Williams (@itsyaboytray): Northwestern, 59-19. Business has been taken care of. I want to see this team, backups and coaches included, show no mercy on this Broncos team. Everyone in Evanston knows how good this team is, they need to make the folks in Columbus and Madison believers now as well. Player to Watch: Tyler Scott. Been playing great for two weeks. Look for it to show up on the box score now.

Greg Mroz (@GregDMroz): Northwestern, 42-10. Western Michigan is not a good football team, that has been well noted. This game as well as the next will give the Wildcats opportunities to experiment with different players, schemes, etc. Dont expect to see much of the first team offense in the 2nd half. Player to Watch: Zack Oliver, because he might get a significant amount of snaps.

Jeffrey Eisenband (@JeffEisenband): Northwestern, 45-17. Western Michigan just lost at home to FCS Nicholls State 27-23. If the ‘Cats do not dispose of the Broncos by 20 or more, Evanston, we have a problem. Player to Watch: Venric Mark. If he dresses, he should be the only player anyone cares about in this cupcake matchup. Fitz keeps injuries a mystery and it is unclear just how long he will be out. Do not be surprised if Mark dresses and does not even take a snap.

Enrique Perez (@EPerez1792): Northwestern, 38-10. After last week’s impressive showing by the passing game, Northwestern should continue to roll on that front and open things up for the running game. The offensive line will have another solid showing while the defensive should limit Western Michigan’s Brian Fields, who scored three times last week. NU’s passing game should put this game out of reach for Western Michigan. Player to Watch: Christian Jones.

Ben Goren: Northwestern, 48-7. This game will not be close. It will not resemble an athletic contest. Player to Watch: Zach Oliver, as he throws for 132 yards, a TD and a pick.

Nick Scoliard: Northwestern, 45-10. I imagine it being in the 30s by the half before Fitz starts subbing his 4th stringers. The broadcasters will never have heard of more than half of the guys on the field in the 4th quarter. Person to Watch: Western Michigan Coach P.J. Fleck. After embarrassing himself on Youtube (google new traditions western Michigan and enjoy) and getting beaten by an FCS team, it will be fun to watch him squirm as Fitz tears his heart out and eats it in front of him.

Kevin Harris (@KevinGoesCats): Northwestern, 52-24. We all know the Wildcats offense is once again going to put up large numbers behind a balanced combo of their two quarterbacks, however look for Colter to test his arm on Saturday. The real test comes for the Northwestern defense who has yet to hold an opponent under 27 points, despite a 3.5 interception average per game. Player to Watch: Traveon Henry will have another interception as the ‘Cats once again win the turnover battle in this

Jason Dorow (@jasondorow): Northwestern, 41-17. The Wildcats’ success in the turnover battle should carry over to the matchup with Western Michigan. Broncos’ senior quarterback Tyler Van Tubbergen threw four picks in his first two outings, and the offensive line has struggled to protect the man under center, allowing 5 sacks in the season opener. The return of Kain Colter brought back the option element to NU’s offense, helping them pile on 48 points against the ‘Cuse. Expect a montage of Colter, Treyvon Green, Mike Trumpy, and player to watch, Warren Long, to run rampant over the WMU defense. Long has been very impressive in practice, and, despite the depth in the backfield, may see his redshirt removed on Saturday. With even more depth, the Wildcats continue to cruise through their non-conference schedule.

Jesse Kirsch (@JesseRKirsch): Northwestern, 45-7. The Wildcats scored more against Syracuse than Western Michigan has in both of its games. Tipping the scales are outrageous differences total offense. Western Michigan’s lack of exposure to top teams will limit its ability to contend on Saturday. Player to Watch: Dwight White. He will certainly be tested by the Broncos, who throw more frequently then they run. The secondary will be put to work, and White can have a stand out game, learning to fill the shoes of injured Daniel Jones. Maybe he’ll even have three interceptions, something no Wildcat has had since Neil Little in 1973.

Bob Hayes (@_BobHayes_): Northwestern, 45-20. The real prediction in this game is how long until Zach Oliver takes the reins at QB and when Fitz puts in the second team D. This game should be a lot like last week, except the home loss to Nicholls State convinces me that Western Michigan is even worse than Syracuse. Player to Watch: Tony Jones. Let’s see if he can keep up the hot start and have another huge game.

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