Feed the Post: Northwestern Basketball Goes to the Dogs

WNUR Sports Online Content Director Cameron Songer (@CameronSonger) picks a dog breed that looks like each member of Northwestern’s basketball team.

This season was supposed to be a lost one for Northwestern men’s basketball. After starting conference play 0-3, it looked clear that Chris Collins’s squad was in a year of transition. To cheer me up, I started wondering which Northwestern players looked like which breeds of dog. Really, this was just an excuse to look at pictures of cute dogs. Now, Northwestern is winning again and my super-scientific research is complete. Below is a side-by-side comparison of Northwestern basketball and their canine counterparts. You can click each of the images to enlarge.

Drew Crawford and a German Shepherd:
crawford stitch
German Shepherds are smart and strong. They’re used by both police forces and Hollywood directors. In other words, they do a little bit of everything.



Dave Sobolewski and a Bulldog:
sobo stitch
While this picture is from when Sobo was just a freshman pup, he’s still not the biggest, but he’s strong and usually keeps a level head. Like a bulldog.



Tre Demps and a Weimaraner:
tre stitch
Weimaraners were originally bred for hunting. Given Demps’s reputation as a sharpshooter, this is a no-brainer.



JerShon Cobb and a Komondor (mop dog):
cobb stitch
Strong and agile. Maybe not the most aerodynamic, though.



Nikola Cerina and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier:

niko stitch
Dog enthusiasts love their trustworthy stability. Cerina brings that to NU’s bench unit.



Kale Abrahamson and a Pomeranian:
kale stitch
Pomeranians are often nervous and alert as puppies. Also enthusiastic. That applies to Kale, who should be more comfortable in Collins’s system by next year.


James Montgomery III and a Shiba Inu:
jm3 stitch
2013 was a big year for the Shiba Inu, the basis of the Doge meme. JM3 also went viral in 2013, with this video from the day he found out he received a scholarship.



Alex Olah and a Kangal:
olah stitch
Olah is the biggest guy on the team, so guards like Demps and Sobolewski might look small to him.


Sanjay Lumpkin and a Mastiff:
sanjay stitch
Mastiffs are known as self-confdent, patient and tending to need a lot of leadership. That describes Lumpkin at this point in his career.


Nate Taphorn and a Papillon:
nate stitch
Known as happy, friendly and not shy. Taphorn has shown he isn’t shy in his 1st season with the team, either.



Aaron Liberman and a ????
lieberman stitch
I’m not sure what breed of dog that is, but look! It’s wearing a yarmulke!



Chris Collins and a Corgi:
collins stitch
The corgi is the dog of choice for British Queen Elizabeth II. Collins has also hung around college hoops royalty, spending 13 years as an assistant at Duke under Coach K.

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