Big Ten Pro Basketball Recap: Week of Mar. 11

WNUR’s Ari Ross (@aross50) recaps the past week for former Big Ten and Northwestern basketball players in the pros.

While Northwestern has no basketball alums currently playing in the NBA, the Big Ten Conference has 30 alums playing for NBA Teams.

Here’s how Big Ten basketball alums from four Big Ten schools are performing in the NBA and their best game this past week:

Players in the NBA:

Andrew D. Bernstein - Getty Images

Andrew D. Bernstein – Getty Images

Jamal Crawford, SG, Los Angeles Clippers: 18.69 PPG, 2.26 RPG, 3.20 APG
Tim Hardaway Jr., SG, New York Knicks: 9.54 PPG, 1.49 RPG, 0.84 APG
Trey Burke, PG, Utah Jazz: 12.24 PPG, 3.22 RPG, 5.39 APG
Game of the Week:
Burke had 7 points on 2 of 9 shooting (0 of 4 3PT); eight assists and four rebounds in a 104-92 win over the Philadelphia 76ers March 8.

Players in the NBA:
Reggie Evans, PF, Sacramento Kings: 3.55 PPG, 5.71 RPG, 0.32 APG
Game of the Week:
Evans had 10 points on 5 of 7 shooting (0 of 2 FT); 13 rebounds and one block in a 96-89 win over the New Orleans Pelicans March 3.

Ohio State:
Players in the NBA:
Greg Oden, C, Miami Heat: 3.00 PPG, 2.12 RPG, 0.06 APG
Mike Conley, PG, Memphis Grizzlies: 17.21 PPG, 2.72 RPG, 6.15 APG
Kosta Koufos, C, Memphis Grizzlies: 7.03 PPG, 5.75 RPG, 0.96 APG
Byron Mullens, C, Philadelphia 76ers: 3.48 PPG, 1.67 RPG, 0.30 APG
Evan Turner, SG, Indiana Pacers: 16.35 PPG, 5.61 RPG, 3.44 APG
Jared Sullinger, C, Boston Celtics: 12.93 PPG, 8.24 RPG, 1.60 APG
Game of the Week:
Turner had 22 points on 9 of 12 shooting (2 of 2 3PT); five assists and two rebounds in a 109-87 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats March 5.

Here’s how Northwestern alums are performing in their leagues as well:

International Players:
Mohamed Hachad, G, Fos Quest Provence Basket: 12.03 PPG, 5.60 RPG, 2.20 APG
Reggie Hearn, G, Idaho Stampede: 9.00 PPG, 4.55 RPG, 1.09 APG
Alex Marcotullio, G, Glasglow Rocks: 8.18 PPG, 3.18 RPG, 3.06 APG
John Shurna, F, FIATC Mutua Joventut: 12.09 PPG, 3.68 RPG, 0.59 APG
Michael Thompson, PG, Pau-Orthez: 12.00 PPG, 2.14 RPG, 3.27 APG
Game of the Week:
Thompson had 13 points on 3 of 11 shooting (3 of 8 3PT) and three assists in a 77-65 loss to Nancy Basket March 8. For the season, Thompson is averaging 12.00 PPG, 2.14 RPG, 3.27 APG and 0.86 SPG. For his career at Northwestern, Thompson averaged 13.1 PPG, 2.0 RPG and 4.09 APG. Thompson holds four Northwestern records: assists with 528, minutes played with 4,633, games played with 129 and games started, also 129. A communications studies major, Thompson was a Third-Team All-Big Ten selection his senior year, when he averaged 16.3 PPG and 4.32 APG.

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