Sportsathon Testimonial: Jason Dorow

WNUR’s Jason Dorow (@jasondorow) discusses how WNUR Sports has helped shape his Northwestern experience.

When I arrived for my freshman year at Northwestern, just over a year ago, there was plenty of uncertainty. I didn’t really know anyone at the school. I didn’t know what courses I would take. And I only had a matter of hours in Evanston when I toured NU the previous summer. One of the few certainties I had was WNUR Sports.

My peer advisor, who we incoming freshmen communicated with throughout the summer, happened to be former sports director (and best PA ever) Jim Sannes. He told me all about WNUR, broadcasting different sports and hosting talk shows. I couldn’t wait to get started, and it was only a matter of weeks before I was on air.

The experience I got right away at WNUR was incredible. I was able to do color commentary for a handful of women’s basketball games, call softball and volleyball and become producer of the SportsVoice spring quarter. There was always a whirlwind of opportunities to be had and only time to do so much.

As great as the broadcasting experience has been, I value much more being part of the WNUR Sports community. From day one, the staff was welcoming and inclusive. Everyone has a chance to participate, and dedication to the craft can lead to really cool opportunities, like traveling with the football team.

I’ve made so many friends through WNUR, and the staff is a very fun group to be around. Going to the weekly meeting is less of a hassle and more of a treat because you get to see all the amazing people involved in the sports program. Many of them I consider good friends and look forward to spending the next couple years with.

Now, I’m still just a sophomore. So much more lies ahead for our young staff and those who are yet to arrive at NU. The support we receive during Sportsathon contributes to creating more opportunities for our amazing staffers to get broadcasting experience while creating lasting memories and providing you, the fans, with coverage of many of Northwestern’s athletic programs. We want to cover as many games as possible, and we appreciate every donation we receive.

WNUR made me feel at home in my first days on my own. I can count on the group we have at the station, enjoy our time together and push each other to improve at our craft. The staff is an incredibly talented and dedicated group, and with your help, I believe the best is yet to come from the station.

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