We all know that Media Days serve but one purpose: for coaches to explain to the media how exciting the next season is.

I would wager that there is no other forum on earth where there is such an incredible concentration of usage of the word “exciting.”  It permeates questions, it permeates answers.  It is unavoidable.

It is in that spirit that I asked myself: which coach is the most excited of them all?  I went to the box score to find out.

I tallied each time every Big Ten coach used some derivative of the word “excited.”  Exciting, excitement, etc. all count for the purposes of this survey.  Here are my findings.


  1. James Franklin (Penn State) 15 uses of “excited”
  2. Mark D’Antonio (Michigan State) 11 uses of “excited”
  3. Kyle Flood (Rutgers) 8 uses of “excited”
  4. Mike Riley (Nebraska) 6 uses of “excited”
  5. Kirk Ferentz (Iowa) 5 uses of “excited”
  6. Darrell Hazell (Purdue) 4 uses of “excited”
  7. Tim Beckman (Illinois) 4 uses of “excited”
  8. Paul Chryst (Wisconsin) 4 uses of “excited”
  9. Kevin Wilson (Indiana) 3 uses of “excited”
  10. Jerry Kill (Minnesota) 3 uses of “excited”
  11. Randy Edsall (Maryland) 2 uses of “excited”
  12. Jim Harbaugh (Michigan) 1 use of “excited”
  13. Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern) 1 use of “excited”
  14. Urban Meyer (Ohio State) 0 uses of “excited”

So, obviously, lots of good stuff.  First of all, James Franklin is so excited.  Like way more excited than anyone else.  Makes sense when you have a potential top quarterback in the country.  On the other end of the spectrum, Urban Meyer is completely unexcited.  Even coming off of winning the National Championship, Urban Meyer clearly is not enthusiastic about his 2015 campaign.  What does this mean?  Are there injuries?  Have there been setbacks?  Why isn’t he excited?  We’ll have to wait and see.

But limiting ourselves to mere usage of “exciteds” limits us.  We devised our own stat which we named EEI or Excitedness Efficiency Index.  We divided the uses of “excited” by the number of wins that program brought in last season.

James Franklin still remains on top with 2.1 exciteds per win, but Darrell Hazell moves up to second, as he was the only other coach who averaged more than 1 excited per win (Hazell averaged 1.3).

We fully expect EEI to directly correlate to success in the 2015 season.

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