Meet the Team Day: Fitzgerald Notes

It was Meet the Team Day at Ryan Field, which if you’re unfamiliar, means that there are hundreds of little kids running around getting autographs from players.  Pat Fitzgerald was there too.  He announced the 2015 captains and talked to the few media members who were there.  Here’s what we learned:

  • 4 captains this year.  Christian Jones, Dan Vitale, Deonte Gibson, and Traveon Henry.
    • In case you were wondering, every Wildcat is eligible, the two top vote getters from offense and defense are selected captains with occasionally an exception to add a 5th guy.
  • Fitzgerald is jealous of Chris Collins: “I think Chris Collins bow has like 5 or 6 basketball games they’ve already played over in Europe, and we get to play our first one a week from now.”
  • Fitzgerald compared this year’s QB battle to the 2006 CJ Bacher-Mike Kafka battle. He said that to make the call then, “we looked at all the numbers and then what we felt like we needed to do right here and right now to be successful as an offense and as a team.”  Fitz said they went through the same process this year and the result was that “Clayton was the guy.”
  • Fitz noted that Kafka won that job in 2006 and is now still playing in the NFL.  Judging his decision making ability, Fitz said “We weren’t total idiots I guess.”
  • Fitzgerald on how close the camp battle for QB was: “I don’t think anybody went head and shoulders out in front, I don’t think anyone took a big step back.”
  • Fitzgerald also “truly believes” that the Wildcats can win with all 3 QBs.
  • Fitz had interesting things to say when asked about how long Thorson’s leash was: “We’re going to have roles for the other guys, and they’ll be prepared, if that ever were to happen. With what we want to do offensively, in the past, we’ve played multiple quarterbacks. One year, we specifically played two. I’m not saying we’re doing that now, and I’m not saying we’re not doing that now. But we’ve had to play multiple quarterbacks [in the past], and both Matt and Zack know that.”
  • Fitzgerald also deflected some Tim Beckman questions.

Basically, Fitz wasn’t going to say a whole lot at what is basically a PR event.  Still, the big takeaway is that it sounded like he was saying “we are going to have multiple QBs” before finishing with a “not saying we will, not saying we won’t.”  Thorson will definitely be “the guy,” but I’m guessing we’re going to see some of Alviti and maybe Oliver in week 1.

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