Northwestern-EIU 1st Half Recap

AP Photo/Matt Marton

AP Photo/Matt Marton

Playing FCS teams is really fun.  I’m going to miss these.  NU is up 27-0.

  • Lots of run for Warren Long today.  He seems to be the most well-rounded of NU’s 3 (Vault, Anderson, Long).  He’s also probably a better short yardage runner than Jackson.
  • Thorson looked really comfortable rolling out to his right and left.  Found Dan Vitale, Christian Jones, and Austin Carr for some decent yardage.  NU’s offense looked at its best last season when the pocket was moved around.  It wouldn’t surprise me if that ends up being true again this year.
  • Offensive line injuries are not fun.  With Frazier and Olson out and North and Park listed on the injury report, NU didn’t need another injury.  Adam DePietro went down with what looked like a pretty serious leg injury.  That’s not good.
  • NU uniforms are forever and always, incredibly dope.
  • EIU has an allergy to offense.
  • Dean Lowry is still freakishly good at getting his hands on passes.  It’s not J.J. Watt levels, but it is certainly a useful talent to have.
  • Ifeadi Odenigbo has played a lot, much more than his 3rd down specialist role we saw last week.  Makes sense.  It’s not like he’s undersized, as he often is against Big Ten opponents, against Eastern. He’s looked good getting after the QB and in the run game.
  • The red zone offense has been not superb.  Two trips ended in field goals, including one where NU got inside the 5.  The good news is that they punched it in for 6 on their last two drives.  Kind of same old story for NU’s offense.  20 to 20 they look great, but when the field gets tighter, the ball stops moving forward.  Something that needs to be worked out at some point, because it can certainly cost NU games if it continues.

Basically, everything is coming up roses in the first for NU.  There isn’t much (if anything) to be upset about other than one missed throw from Thorson on a seam route to Mike McHugh and the red zone offense sputtering.  No stress performance thus far.

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