Around the Big Ten: Week 5

Nate Sudfeld and Indiana should have hosted College Gameday this week. Photo credit: Jeff Hanisch / USA TODAY Sports

Nate Sudfeld and Indiana should have hosted College Gameday this week. Photo credit: Jeff Hanisch / USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends,

Normally this is where I’d write some pithy intro about the state of the conference or Northwestern or something. But I’m not really feeling it this week.  So let’s not and say we did.  Sound good? Good.

Now for the games.

Army @ Penn State, 11:00 AM (ESPNU)

The Nittany Lions are the only Big Ten squad playing a non-conference tilt this weekend.  They couldn’t pick a much worse team if they tried.  Army is awful awful, their only win coming against Eastern Michigan.  Don’t watch this game, not when there’s real football to be had.

Purdue @ #2 Michigan State, 11:00 AM (ESPN2)

MSU is hideously overranked at number 2.  Everyone thought that the Oregon win was a huge resume builder, but after the Ducks got drubbed by Utah, the Spartans’ resume looks weaker than it did a few weeks ago.  And yet, MSU has just two tests on their schedule: Ohio State and Michigan.  Other than those games, they’ll be favored to roll.  This week is no different.

Iowa @ #19 Wisconsin, 11:00 AM (ESPN)

Iowa may or may not be legit.  Corey Clement-less Wisconsin may or may not be legit.  This game may or may not decide the Big Ten West.  It’s a game that we won’t really know the importance of for another month.  If this wasn’t in Camp Randall, I’d be darn tempted to say Iowa wins.  They won’t though.

Nebraska @ Ilinois, 2:30 PM (BTN)

Nebraska is really yet to hit it’s stride, and there might not be any more than what they’ve showed so far.  I think Nebraska is 5th in the Big Ten West, behind Wisconsin, Iowa, NU, and Minnesota.  And I predicted them to win the West.  But you’re reading an article of someone who said something that dumb, so who’s the real fool here?

#1 Ohio State @ Indiana, 2:30 PM (ABC/ESPN2)

Let’s talk about College Gameday. It’s a show unparalleled in its ability to highlight what makes college football such an absolutely insane event.  They missed an opportunity by not going to Bloomington.  One of the most excitable student bodies with a football team that’s suddenly doing well? It was a gimme.  Instead they’re going to Clemson for the 5,000th time.  Yahoo.

#22 Michigan @ Maryland, 7:00 PM (BTN)

Michigan’s lost only once, to a CFP quality Utah team, and stomped a ranked team 31-0.  They have a sterling resume, and they’re just going to keep rolling this week.  Michigan is legit. Are they MSU/OSU tier?  I don’t think so.  But that defense is 100% legit.

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