Around the Big Ten: Week 7

College football is going on this weekend, but, let’s be real, most sports fans are probably focusing their eyes on a different sport this month.

Baseball has had a helluva week.  Jose Bautista went and stunted on the whole damn planet after hitting a moonshot home run.

Kyle Schwarber hit a home run that went basically 500,000 feet.

Mets fans burned Chase Utley effigies across the eastern seaboard (I have no reason to believe that actually happened, but it totally wouldn’t shock me if it did).

12-year old Ben Goren would be stoked to the point of sleeplessness.  21-year old Ben Goren doesn’t seem to care so much.  And that’s a little sad.  Because somewhere down the road, I grew up, and the love of baseball went the way of shaggy haircuts and cartoon shows.  Playoff baseball is reminder that things fadeaway and cannot be recaptured.

But that’s depressing, and there are Big Ten games on, so let’s talk about those instead!

Purdue @ Wisconsin, 11:00 AM (BTN)

Wisconsin’s waiting game continues, but this week might as well be a bye.  The question of whether or not Wisconsin can keep pace in the Big Ten West without their star running back is yet to be answered.  We won’t learn anything this week ever.

Rutgers @ Indiana, 2:30 PM (BTN)

Indiana’s rash of injuries is unfair.  Nate Sudfeld and Jordan Howard are hyper-talented and super fun to watch.  They are not fun to watch when they are hurt on a sideline.  Here, let Crimson Quarry explain it.

This game will not be fun to watch.

#7 MSU @ #12 Michigan, 2:30 PM (ESPN)


Harbaugh hype at Defcon 1, Gameday at the crib, undefeated and underappreciated MSU in town? Yeah sign me right the heck up.  Hustle back from the Northwestern game, put this game on, and get ready for 3.5 hours of awesomeness.  Michigan might be the better team, but seriously, who cares about anything other than the fact this game is going to be off the chain.

Nebraska @ Minnesota, 2:30 PM (ESPN2)

Minnesota pounded Purdue, so we know they’re capable of scoring points against FCS teams.  Nebraska is a different animal.  The Huskers have been a massive disappointment, but with Mitch Leidner at QB, it’s hard to take Minnesota against anyone.

PSU @ #1 Ohio State, 7:00PM (ABC)

When will Ohio State put 60 minutes of their best football together?  Do they even have to?  How much of this is just what happens when you’ve got a bigger target on your back than anyone else in the nation?  I’d never suggest that Ohio State could possibly lose a game, but with each passing game, it becomes harder and harder to think Ohio State is the best team in the country.

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