Sportsathon ‘CatChat: Naila-Jean Meyers

The WNUR Sports ‘CatChat series is back for the fifth annual Sportsathon! In these interviews, we’ll talk to WNUR Sports alumni about their time at the station, awesome moments as a Northwestern student and their experience in the professional world. You can learn more about Sportsathon here.

Naila-Jean Meyers is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. Graduating in 2000, she got her first job in the sports journalism world at  While at Northwestern she was an active student, doing work in editing, writing, radio broadcasting, magazines, and web production, doing much of this at WNUR Sports.  She is currently working as an editor for the sports section of The New York Times.

To listen to Henry DaMour’s interview with Meyers, use the player below or click here

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