Sportsathon ‘CatChat: Mark Mensheha

The WNUR Sports ‘CatChat series is back for the fifth annual Sportsathon! In these interviews, we’ll talk to WNUR Sports alumni about their time at the station, awesome moments as a Northwestern student and their experience in the professional world. You can learn more about Sportsathon here.

Mark Mensheha co-founded Sports Business Journal and is now the managing editor of the online magazine based in North Carolina. His publication takes a different approach than most other outlets – every reporter’s beat is a sport, and they write about business deals for teams, players, etc. when it comes to ad revenue. Mensheha was able to use his skills from WNUR Sports to succeed in a journalism career that doesn’t require broadcasting, something unique out of our WNUR alumni.

To listen to the interview use the player below or click here.

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