Photo Credit: David Banks/USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: David Banks/USA TODAY Sports

By Henry DaMour

  • Outcome wasn’t even a question from the start, the huge size difference in favor of the Wildcats forced a lot of bad, rushed shots for Quincy and allowed the NU big men, and men of all sizes really, to drive with authority and finish with ease. Quincy wasn’t able to keep up, shooting just 30.8% compared to Northwestern’s 50%, including solid three-point shooting (48%).
  • Aaron Falzon was an efficiency machine, seeing a lot of opportunities in his only 10 minutes of work and making the most of them. Falzon scored 15 points, leading the team, and shot 83% from the field, and make four of his 5 threes. He make some gutsy passes and contributed to some good ball movement on offense. He is looking like exactly what Chris Collins wanted in his go-to freshman.
  • Scottie Lindsey and Vic Law shared sixth man duties. They saw the most playing time through the first half, putting up 19 points between them on combined 7 for 14 shooting. Lindsey was perfect from downtown (3 for 3).
  • Along with a couple of emphatic dunks and putbacks, Joey Van Zegeren pulled in 10 rebounds and had two blocks on the day. The big man played very well defensively and used the size mismatches he found himself in to his advantage, forcing Quincy players to rush their shots.
  • Other freshmen: Jordan Ash saw 10 minutes of playing time in his debut, and Derek Pardon was in for 5 minutes in his. Charlie Hall snuck into the game with a minute left and got a few touches.
  • #jvzdunks