As you may have learned from the WNUR Sports Twitter feed, despite advancing to the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos have been making a crucial offensive mistake: They’ve been counting out former Northwestern quarterback “Touchdown Trevor” Siemian. Our Amit Malik (@upper90shot) explores a world where the Broncos made Touchdown Trevor their quarterback from day 1 using Madden 16:

For a reminder of where things stand, read Episode I HERE

What goes up…

Week 5: Broncos (2-2) @ Raiders (0-4)

  • After two impressive games, Trevor is looking to establish his dominance over the AFC West.
  • Sebastian “I was picked ahead of Tom Brady” Janikowski somehow missed a 28 yard field goal on the opening drive.
  • Von Miller intercepted Derek Carr and set Trevor up with the ball at the 30, but he could only come up with 3 points.
  • Aquib Talib picked off Derek Carr! Trevor has the ball on the 19!
  • And he got strip sacked, fumbled, and the Raiders returned it for a touchdown. Jay Cutler stared at the Chicago skyline for a few seconds wistfully, remembering when he was the one getting strip-sacked for touchdowns.
  • The Broncos’ defense is unreal. Chris Harris Jr. picked off Derek Carr for a third time today! WNUR StafferMatt McHugh cried out that Madden was disrespecting Derek Carr.
  • TOUCHDOWN TREVOR BACK. After two QB sneaks were stifled by the Raiders’ D-Line, he came up big on 4th and Goal. 10-7.

Trevor2 Raiders1

  • Right before halftime, Trevor threw a homing missile straight to the hands of Charles Woodson. At least he got the pick out of the way without serious consequences.
  • We forgot the halftime stats, but it’s okay. Trevor didn’t forget he’s an elite quarterback. He led the Broncos down the field and threw a screen pass to C.J. “No Jukes” Anderson.

Trevor2 Raiders2

  • Joke’s on us, Trevor isn’t an elite quarterback. He just threw another interception. The Raiders are playing horribly, and he’s still managing to choke things away.
  • Derek Carr leads the Raiders on a touchdown drive. 17-17. 5:29 left. Ball on the 17. You know the deal. It’s Trevor Time
  • It’s not Trevor Time. He threw his third pick of the day with 2:50 left. Bad Trevor.
  • The Raiders kicked a game winning field goal. 20-17. Trevor might have been responsible for this one. Here are the stats:


Final: Broncos 17, Raiders 20.

Tolerable Trevor

Week 6: Broncos (2-3) @ Browns (2-3)

  • After a terrible afternoon against an 0-4 Raiders team, Trevor might be wading into must-win territory here. To get ready, I spent all of the game prep hours this week jacking Trevor’s confidence up to 96. His rating is up to 71 and The Broncos’ team rating is up to 89.
  • The quarterback matchup everyone has been salivating for: Johnny Football vs Touchdown Trevor.
  • The Broncos strip-sack Manziel to give Trevor the ball on the Cleveland 30! Trevor responded with this almost pick that CJ Anderson took to the end zone. 7-0.

Trevor2 Browns1

  • Trevor set up a field goal, and the Broncos D kept up their insane level of play. They forced another fumble and Trevor has the ball on the 25.
  • Trevor definitely doesn’t know the difference between the gas and brake pedals. He threw a pick on the 5 yard line to leave 7 points on the board with 1:50 left in the first half (Editor’s Note: Either that, or whoever is calling these plays doesn’t know how to properly call a football game).
  • Time Management Trevor is back at it! He made it 17-0 with a 40 second drive! But the real highlight of the drive? The play before the touchdown. Ladies and gentlemen, Trevor “Dual Threat” Siemian.

Trevor2 Browns2

  • Here’re his halftime stats. Somebody stepped up to the plate.


  • After an uneventful third quarter, Johnny Football musters up 3 points to start the 4th. 17-3.
  • Trevor doesn’t like winning. He threw a pick on the third play of the next drive. Manziel threw a TD. 17-10 with 4:33 to go. Can Trevor close it out?
  • He got it down to 1:46 left for the Broncos defense. But shoutout to the Broncos’ Special Teams who pinned the Browns at the 1 yard line.
  • They hold on for the win! 17-10. This felt like how the real Broncos were winning every game in the regular season.
  • Trevor barely passed this test. Here’s his final stats:


Final Score: Broncos: 17 Browns: 10

Week 7 was a bye week for Trevor and company. They needed to recover after being forced to spend an extended period of time in Cleveland. 

Two Bad Men

Week 8: Packers (4-2) @ Broncos (3-3)

  • Aaron Rodgers is good at football. Trevor is working his way up. Might be the toughest test so far this season.
  • On the first play of scrimmage, Trevor threw a pick. Classic. Aaron could only come away with 3 points though, so it’s okay.
  • After some traded punts, Trevor found a familiar target to make it 7-3.

Trevor2 Pack1

  • After some more traded punts (shoutout to Broncos’ D) the Broncos D intercepted Aaron Rodgers (shoutout to Broncos D)! Trevor has the ball on the Green Bay 37.
  • Trevor got sacked and went 3 and out. Then Aaron Rodgers scored to make it 10-7 because he has no mercy.
  • Time Management Trevor made it into field goal range and then got sacked out of it. Stats:


  • Trevor got sacked to ruin another possession, but Rodgers threw his second pick! This game is weird.
  • Trevor drove down the field for a field goal to tie it up at 10-10. He’s mostly been using his feet and has 74 rushing yards (Editor’s Note: I’ll just leave this here). 
  • The Packers made it 13-10 with 6:00 minutes to go. What time is it?
  • IT’S TREVOR TIME. He set up a game tying field goal with 30 seconds left! (He killed 5 minutes of clock time by only running the ball.)
  • The Packers ran out the clock to get to overtime. Is that a challenge, Mr. Rodgers?
  • The Broncos won the toss. Is it lit? It is lit.

Trevor2 Pack2

  • Trevor killed 6 minutes and 20 seconds on the drive by only throwing once, and he ran it in himself for the score. And then threw in a casual ball flip. Because he is cool as they come. The Broncos win in overtime. Trevor Siemian earns himself the ‘Closer’ 2K badge.
  • Final Stats:


Final Score: Broncos: 19 Packers: 13

Surgeon Siemian

Week 9: Broncos (4-3) @ Colts (3-5)

  • After last week’s late drama, Trevor is looking to prove his winning record hasn’t been based on luck. (Sorry, I’ll excuse myself).
  • After the Colts called a fake punt (?!) on 4th and 5 and McAfee was stopped 3 yards short, Trevor got the ball on his own 44. (Editor’s Note: The Colts should’ve run this one instead, am I right?)
  • Caleb Sturgis missed a 50 yard field goal. And then Brandon McManus made a 53 yard field goal to make it 3-0, because he’s a future Super Bowl MVP.
  • The Colts must not be good. They went three and out and then Trevor stomped all over their defense for an easy touchdown drive, finished by this simple play.

Trevor2 Colts1

  • Remember that touchdown play? Well the Colts’ defense didn’t. Trevor called the same play in the same exact situation two minutes later to make it 17-0.

Trevor2 Colts2

  • Trevor is a surgeon. And the Colts are getting dissected. Look at this beauty to make it 24-0. (Shoutout to Time Management Trevor)

Trevor2 Colts3

  • Luck got picked with 20 seconds left! And Trevor threw a six yard touchdown to Sanders. We don’t even need a replay for this 31-0 drubbing at halftime. Peyton Manning is licking his lips on the Denver sideline, thinking about the prospect of some garbage-time minutes in his old city. Or maybe he’s thinking about that big comeback that starts right here. Or a chicken parm. With that guy, who knows?
  • Halftime stats that make Trevor look, well, godlike:

Trevor Colts Half

  • CJ Anderson has 10 rushes for 112 yards. McManus made it 34-0. Peyton Manning is getting subbed in and the rest of this game is getting simmed. That’s a wrap, Indianapolis. Please stop being bad.
  • Final Stats. Peyton didn’t make it because he only handed it off for the rest of the game.

Trevor Colts Final

Final Score: Broncos 34, Colts 0.
The Broncos are now 5-3 and half a game back of the 6-3 Chargers in the AFC West. Trevor’s 1884 passing yards are 16th in the NFL. His 19 passing touchdowns are 2nd and his 12 interceptions are tied for the second highest. Things are trending up for Trevor, and he’s planning to lock up a playoff spot down the stretch. When it comes to Trevor and his greatness, we are all witnesses.



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