Sportsathon Testimonial: Michael Stern

WNUR Sports staffer Michael Stern explains the impact WNUR Sports has had on his college experience as part of WNUR’s Sportsathon. If you would like to contribute, click here and follow the instructions.

When I arrived in Evanston I wasn’t sure about much. I didn’t know how I would make new friends. I didn’t know how the quarter system worked. I didn’t know how to get to Chicago from Evanston. The one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to broadcast Northwestern sporting events as an undergraduate, and I quickly discovered that WNUR Sports would be a place where I could do just that.

I remember my first broadcast: it was a mid-October women’s volleyball game and I was tabbed to provide color commentary. I had never broadcasted volleyball before, but I didn’t care. I had an opportunity to be on the air on a real radio station and be heard throughout Chicago, and I was nervous and excited. There were a few butterflies in my stomach as I prepared to make my first color comment, which was probably something unremarkable that I dragged out for far too long.

Over the course of the last three and a half years, plenty has changed. Instead of only volleyball, I’m also broadcasting men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, and football. I still broadcast some games at Welsh-Ryan Arena, but I’ve also traveled to the Big House in Ann Arbor, the Breslin Center in East Lansing, and NCAA Softball Tournament in South Bend. I no longer get butterflies before broadcasts. Instead I get goosebumps.

WNUR provided me an opportunity to try out something I thought looked cool. Since that first broadcast, the upperclassmen have become my mentors, advising me on how to apply for internships and jobs and become a better broadcaster. That thing I thought looked cool has become my passion, something I spent all of last summer doing and something I hope to do once I graduate. Most importantly, the underclassmen I broadcasted with became my friends, people I could watch sports with, travel to Wrigley Field with, or even just hang out with.

To say WNUR has been an important part of my college experience would be an understatement. I encourage my family, friends, and listeners to continue to tune in after I graduate, and perhaps even to donate during this week’s Sportsathon. Over my three and a half years, we’ve replaced broken equipment, taken exciting road trips, and kept the station running thanks to generous donations from listeners like you. Let’s keep this station running strong. Let’s allow future broadcasters to have the same experiences that I had. Let’s help future Northwestern students feel a little more at home.

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