WNUR Bracketology – The Final Projections

By: Jake Liker

So here we are. Judgment day is upon us, at long last. After countless hours and several excruciating decisions, I submit my final projections to you and to the Bracket Matrix today.

Regardless of what happens today, I offer to you, illustrious reader, my sincerest thanks for indulging in my column over the past two months. I have made it no secret to you that bracketology is challenging and time-consuming, but your willingness to read something which I put so much effort into makes it a worthwhile endeavor.

It is incredibly gratifying, but it is also quite pressuring. To fail privately is one thing, but to earn the trust of others and potentially mislead them is far scarier. This was one of the most turbulent seasons for bracketology I have ever experienced. I did my best. Perhaps I will do this again next year, and perhaps you will return.

But all I can do for now is wait and hope. And if you think I’m nervous, you can imagine what it’s like for Louisville or Arizona State or Saint Mary’s. Together we wait, each of us hoping to be validated by the selection committee, to bear the fruits of our labor.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and buckle up. The real madness starts now. And by right now, I mean after the disclaimers:

The newest update is coming your way, right after you read the disclaimers one last time:

  • This is what I think the committee would given what we know about each team. I do not necessarily agree with what I think the committee’s evaluations will be
  • Italics in the graphic denotes projected conference champions
  • Literally just follow me on Twitter

*NOTE: Providence was originally a 9-seed but switched with NC State in order to prevent a Big East clash in the round of 32


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