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What If? Too much of a good thing

WNUR Sports Online Content Director Cameron Songer (@CameronSonger) previews Northwestern’s women’s basketball team and imagines a world where a key player doesn’t transfer. Compared to the high expectations for the football and men’s basketball teams for their upcoming seasons, Northwestern’s women’s basketball team will enter 2013-2014 with relatively little fanfare. At some level, this makes sense. The team has won

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From Jump Balls to Curtain Calls: Kendall Hackney’s Second Love

On the court, former Northwestern Wildcats women’s basketball star Kendall Hackney could do it all: hit a three, knock down a jump shot, post up on defense and grab a rebound. Now, she finds herself starring in a new role – Northwestern’s Waa-Mu Show. Hackney found a way to finally realize her love for theater after her collegiate basketball career

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