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Faces Made for Radio: Before and After with Vote

The gentlemen of WNUR Sports have completed their month-long quests for bearded glory as part of No-Shave November. Check out the before-and-after results and vote for the first annual “Faces Made for Radio” Champion. It has come to this. The first annual Faces Made For Radio competition crescendos to its ultimate climax, leaving our fearless leaders to question every decision

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Faces Made for Radio: End of Week 3

The gentlemen of WNUR Sports are growing out their facial hair in No-Shave November as part of the first annual Faces Made For Radio Competition. At the end of the month, your vote will determine the winner. Until then… nobody wins. Twenty-one days. Five-hundred and four hours. Thirty-thousand, two-hundred and forty minutes. In that time, not a single good thing

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