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The NUmbers Guy: Iowa Analysis

WNUR Sports Director Jim Sannes (@JimSannes) takes a look at the historic seasons of Kain Colter and Venric Mark along with the rest of the numbers of Northwestern’s 28-17 victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes. How ‘bout them Wildcats??? People before the season (including me because I’m an idiot) were tweaking out about losing the likes of Dan Persa, Jeremy Ebert,

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WNUR’s Predictions of Northwestern vs. Iowa

The WNUR Sports staff offers their picks for Saturday’s game between the Northwestern University Wildcats and the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, including their predictions of the victor, final score, and a player to watch. Danny Moran (@DannyJMoran): Northwestern 20, Iowa 17. This is assuming Mick McCall improves his play calling and attempts to make Kain Colter a legitimate passing threat. The

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