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Goren and Dorow Podcast: Episode 8

WNUR’s Ben Goren (@BenG412) and Jason Dorow (@jasondorow) are back, and this time they’re taking Alex Olah’s hometown of Timisoara by storm. This podcast includes a recap of the Maryland meltdown, both the positives and the negatives. Sanjay Lumpkin shot the lights out, and Vic Law continues to struggle. The dynamic duo also discusses the tight loss to Ohio State,

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Joe’s Corner: Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament Preview

In this week’s edition of Joe’s Corner, WNUR Sports co-Director Joe Misulonas previews the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament. You know what the best thing about March Madness is? It’s that every team gets to participate in it, not just the good teams. Everyone thinks the Madness starts during the first round of the NCAA Tournament, but that’s simply not

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What If? Going Streaking

In this week’s “What If,” WNUR Sports Online Content Director Cameron Songer (@CameronSonger) compares the streak of Northwestern women’s tennis team to others in college sports. This week’s “What If” doesn’t really have a “What If.” Sorry. My brain is fried from a combination of midterms and the fact that the Northwestern women’s tennis team just won their 15th consecutive

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