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Joe’s Corner: Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament Preview

In this week’s edition of Joe’s Corner, WNUR Sports co-Director Joe Misulonas previews the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament. You know what the best thing about March Madness is? It’s that every team gets to participate in it, not just the good teams. Everyone thinks the Madness starts during the first round of the NCAA Tournament, but that’s simply not

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Don’t Hate the Player: Week 6 vs. Ohio State

WNUR Sports Online Content Director Cameron Songer (@CameronSonger) presents the fifth installment of a season-long series in which he tries to “predict” the outcome of Northwestern football games using EA Sports’ NCAA Football. In real life, the matchup between Northwestern and Ohio State carries more national significance than it does in this simulation. Northwestern lost in week 1 of the

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Kis This

In this week’s edition of Kis This, Zack Kisfalusi tries to find the reasons behind Northwestern’s continued offensive struggles. Rock Bottom This Northwestern team has reached a new low after getting beat down on Sunday by the Purdue Boilermakers. With no one scoring in double digits, the offensive struggles continued for the entire team as even Reggie Hearn started forcing

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Joe’s Corner: A Rough Year for Bill Carmody

In this week’s edition of Joe’s Corner, Joe Misulonas takes a look at the many challenges Northwestern basketball coach Bill Carmody has faced this season. With 1:30 left in the Northwestern-Ohio State game last night, the Wildcats trailed by only two points. This is incredible, considering the team was without both freshman center Alex Olah, a seven-footer who had come

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Joe’s Corner

In this week’s edition of Joe’s Corner, Joe Misulonas discusses Northwestern’s partnership with the Cubs, as well as the football team’s newest recruiting class. The Strange Dichotomy of Northwestern Football There were two big stories in Northwestern football this week. First, Northwestern and the Chicago Cubs announced a five-year partnership that will include five future football games at Wrigley Field.

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