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The NUmbers Guy: Nebraska Analysis

WNUR Sports Director Jim Sannes (@JimSannes) takes a look at the statistics behind the Northwestern Wildcats’ 29-28 loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers with three up/three down. MY BRAIN!!! As a Northwestern Wildcat/New York Jets fan, things couldn’t get much worse for me this weekend. The ‘Cats dropped a heartbreaker to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Jets exhibited perfect incompetency in failing

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Don’t Hate the Player: NCAA ’13 Preview of Northwestern vs. Nebraska

WNUR Sports Social Media Director Cameron Songer (@CameronSonger) simulates Saturday’s game between the Northwestern University Wildcats and the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers with the assistance of NCAA Football ’13. It seemed like a good idea at the time. In my mind, this weekly column would serve as a fairly accurate, entertaining way to predict the winners of big college football games

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