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  • I just listened to the broadcast of the baseball game against Rutgers. I thought the announcer did a fantastic job. I heard him say it was only his third game. That’s hard to believe. I hope he continues his broadcasting. Very, very good job announcing today.

    Warren Miller

  • Brooke Bloomberg.

    Listening to softball game on April 9th. Davis Johnson is doing a great job. Love his play by play. Would love to hear him again.

  • Denise Monaghan

    Baseball game NW vs Rutgers Please check your facts regarding comments made about batting helmet for Rutgers player. Inappropriate considering actual use of helmet.

    • Thank you so much. #32 shattered his nose a few weeks ago with a fastball to the face and that’s why he’s wearing the helmet. What kind of comments was that guy making!?!?

  • #32 is recovering from broken nose from a hit by pitch 2 weeks ago

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