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WNUR Sports Broadcasters: Will Greer, Sam Brief, Austin Miller, Matt McHugh, Amit Mallik, Henrique DaMour, Tim Hackett, Ari Levin, Zach Wingrove, Parker Johnson, Henry Ettinger, Zach Koons, Ben Krieger, Ryan Wangman, Fredrick Bugyei, Jake Riepma, Darren Zaslau, Juliana Sherry, Jonathan Skinner, Walker Reinfeld, Mila Jasper, Erik Alcantar, Kevin Sweeney, Jake Liker, Noah Coffman, Ben Schachter, Dan Rosenzweig-Ziff, Jack Lido, Andrew McCabe, Andrew Fenichel, Ryan Coleman, Ethan Fore, Adam Braunstein, Connor Yahn.

WNUR Sports Executive Board:

Sam Brief (@sambrief) is a junior studying journalism. He was born and raised in Highland Park, Illinois and has been a die-hard Chicago sports fan his whole life, rooting for the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and White Sox (not the Cubs). Sam has done broadcasting since his sophomore year of high school and hopes to be a play-by-play man for basketball or baseball. His proudest accomplishment to date is winning his bracket in 5th grade by picking all one-seeds to make the Final Four.
Will Greer (@willy_nillie) is a senior, majoring in broadcast journalism, from the United States’ only city with a metropolitan whitewater river: Richmond, Virginia. Greer is a huge fan of both college and pro sports, with his favorite teams often losing more games than they win. His strong character comes from years of heartbreak, most notably from the Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Cubs and Virginia Cavaliers. He wants to be a basketball or baseball play-by-play broadcaster one day.
Matt McHugh (@mattmcsports27) is a junior studying journalism. He’s from the Bay Area and only roots for the good local sports teams (A’s, Raiders, Warriors and Sharks). His favorite sport is baseball, and hopes one day to get paid for doing something related to it. He likes dishing out hot takes (Derek Carr for MVP) and enjoys bumping some good ol’ country music in his spare time.

Amit Mallik (@amitkmallik) is an audio content co-director and has been at WNUR Sports for about two years now. He spends a large amount of time with Northwestern Athletics and loves to give every sport some spotlight. He grew up in Philly and is a diehard supporter of all their teams, especially the Eagles and the Sixers (#TrustTheProcess), and also is a big Tottenham Hotspur supporter. At WNUR, he loves to make football score predictions and remark how people almost answer questions correctly.

Tim Hackett (@HacksawTim) is a junior from Raleigh, NC, which is why people are surprised when they hear his favorite teams are the Boston Bruins and the Green Bay Packers. He’s a lifelong sports fan, with an interest in football and hockey, but also in random sports like volleyball, lacrosse and darts (yes, he knows that’s weird). When he’s not talking about sports no one else cares about or going on about his little sister, Tim tries to find time to study journalism and psychology. He’s very excited to be co-directing WNUR’s podcasts this year. Go Cats!

Henrique DaMour (@henrydamour) has grown up all over the place. He was born in Brazil, moved to Singapore, China, Michigan, and finally California for high school before landing in Evanston where he currently studies journalism with a computer science minor at Northwestern University. Besides studying, he co-hosts The Scratching Post on WNUR, does play-by-play and color commentary for various sports, sings as a bass in an acappella group, serves as vice president of his fraternity, and is actively involved in campus ministry. When he’s not tending to his responsibilities, he likes playing pickup basketball (quite poorly) and religiously watching Detroit sports. If there are three things he is truly passionate about, though, they’re the Detroit Tigers, good music, and Coca-Cola.

Parker Johnson (@pjkeeper4) is a sophomore in Medill from Asheville, North Carolina. He was a goalkeeper and captain on the soccer field, and a starting point guard/defensive stopper for the Fighting Lepers of the Asheville Church Basketball League. He roots for the better blue in Carolina (Tar Heels), the more successful team in North London (Arsenal FC), and a host of Denver pro teams (Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies). Favorite line of sports commentary: “If his brains was leather, he wouldn’t have enough to saddle a junebug.” – Don Sutton, Atlanta Braves radio.

Henry Ettinger (@hettinger_921) wishes he was 6’6 and could dunk. Instead, he’s 5’10 and spends his time reminiscing about the missed opportunities in his high school sports career.  He enjoys a good Korean spa and watching Cleveland sports.
Zach Koons (@zachkoons) is a sophomore from Alexandria, VA, majoring in journalism. Born near the Washington D.C area, he is loyal to the DMV sports teams (The Nats, Caps, and Wizards). When it comes the NFL, he roots for the Patriots, making him the most hated sports fan on this side of the Mississippi. While not broadcasting, Zach can be found taking long walks on the beach or playing a game of pick-up basketball way too competitively. He hopes to pursue a career in either sports broadcasting or investigative journalism.
 Ben Krieger (@TheBenKrieger) is a sophmore studying journalism. He’s from sunny Los Angeles and never stops talking about how much he loves Mexican food. Or talking in general. He’s wanted to be a broadcaster his whole life thanks to Vin Scully, and he also wouldn’t mind seeing the Dodgers win a World Series at some point. Aside from WNUR Sports, he spends most of his time at Northwestern moonlighting as an insane fan at all Wildcat events he’s not covering. He is WNUR Sports’ marketing director

Ryan Wangman (@ryanwangman) is a Medill sophomore and WNUR Sports’ social media director who loves all Chicago sports teams (except the Bears #gopats #freebrady). Hobbies include making fire playlists, telling good jokes and dancing poorly. Fun fact: Ryan can rap every word of the Eminem hit, “The Real Slim Shady”.

Fredrick Bugyei (@FredWard1129) is from Los Angeles, California. He is currently a junior studying radio/television/film. Additionally, he is an RA who is also in the gospel choir and a POSSE scholar. When he’s not watching his Lakers get crushed, he’s rooting for Lavar Ball to raise basketball gods and for the LA Galaxy to resign Landon Donovan. He is WNUR Sports’ casts director.
Austin Miller (@austin_james906) is a senior from Raleigh, NC. His two favorite sports are soccer and basketball. When he’s not working for WNUR, Austin is most likely watching a soccer match from somewhere around the world. He is a fan of the Brazilian club Palmeiras. On top of his work with WNUR, Austin is also a freelance writer on Brazilian soccer, and podcasts on South American soccer for the World Football Index.

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    My name is Michael Zellner, I am with The Morgan at Loyola Station. We are a luxury apartment building on the citys north side. I am wondering what the pricing format is for advertising. We are more interested in maybe a radio dj reading an ad rather than creating a commercial. Can you tell me a little more about that please? Specifically pricing.


    Michael Zellner


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