Player Profile: Drew Crawford

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As part of a new series, WNUR’s Justin Nam (@namjustin) goes behind the scenes to profile Northwestern men’s and women’s basketball players.  First up, men’s star forward and senior leader, Drew Crawford.

Name: Drew Crawford
Jersey Number: #1
Position: Forward

Basketball season is right around the corner folks. After coming so close to the first ever Northwestern bid into the NCAA Tournament last season, the men’s basketball team is coming out with a fire in their bellies. As we watch Chicago’s Big Ten Team play ‘ball, what better thing is there to do but to get to know the players? It is important that we are familiar with the athletes that are representing the Wildcats on the hardwood, and that is what this player profile column’s aim is to do; to allow readers to dig deeper into the lives of players, and see more than just stats on the basketball court.

Who better to begin this column with than the Wildcat’s senior starting forward, Drew Crawford? In the short time I had to interview him, it was clear that there was a true genuine leader-like personality to him. He was recently named one of the thirty candidates for the Division I Senior CLASS Award, which is for Division I athletes who exemplify excellence in the community, the classroom, character, and competition. A truly deserving honor for the leader of this Wildcat team.

Basketball has always been, always is, and always will be a team sport. But every winning team needs a leader. A player ready to take the reins and push for success. This is the exact player that Drew Crawford is. He was essentially 2nd in every major statistic for Northwestern last year behind the great John Shurna, averaging 16.1 points per game, 4.7 rebounds per game, and 2.06 assists per game last season. Very solid numbers for being a number two option. But he has been hoisted into leadership this year, and it can be fully expected of him to emerge as a very improved player in all facets of his game.

Without further suspense, the interview:

Q: The season is right around the corner. When thinking about the season before going to sleep, what is the thought that goes through your head?
A: It’s just kind of like an itching feeling. It’s so close yet it is a few days away. You’re so hungry. It’s a hunger and an itching feeling. I’m almost uncomfortable in bed knowing I gotta wait before we start playing. I mean, we’re all so excited to play.

Q: What is your personal goal you have for this upcoming season?
A: I think a good personal goal is to just lead the team, and help do what I need to do to help the team win. That’s playing my role and helping make my teammates better.

Q: You have managed to play consistently through both non-conference and difficult Big Ten conference play. What do you attribute that to?
A: I think that’s really a combination of what we’re doing in practice now. Just staying consistent in practice and playing well, and also offseason work. I think the time you put into the offseason really translates into the season and helps you maintain a consistent game.

Q: What has been your most memorable off-the-court moment with your teammates?
A: (After a long time pondering this question) I mean, just in general, our team is so tight that we’re always clowning on each other. We’re always joking with each other. I think the coolest thing about our team is that we’re just able to room with each other off the court and joke. We have this thing called “salt face”. When you get a bunch of jokes thrown at you then you put on your salt face and hang that lower lip and put your head down. But it’s all fun and games with the guys. We love to joke around.

Q: A couple of random questions. You’re going to star in a romantic comedy, who is your love interest?
A: My love interest is Stacey Dash. She’s a little older these days, but she was in Clueless in 1995. I think she’s around 40 now, but she still looks great!

Q: Drew “Young Doo Doo” Crawford just walked into the booth, who is featuring in his song?
A: It’s gotta be my boys! Alex Marcotullio, Dave Sobolewski, and Omar Jimenez.

Q: This is a “lighting round” for every player profile given this season. One word will be given, and you must reply with the first word or short phrase that comes to mind.
A: Basketball- Fun
Water- Wet
Family- Love
Shoes- Passion
Food- All the time
Pokémon- The greatest game ever made after basketball
TV Show- Breaking Bad
Leader- Senior
Music- Kanye
Northwestern- That’s love also

It is apparent that Drew Crawford is ready for the season. Raving about his offseason work and explaining that he is “itching” and “hungry” for the season to begin. If you are a Wildcat basketball fan, there has to be a lot of excitement surrounding Drew Crawford.

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