#PickTheSwag What the Wildcats should wear Saturday against Iowa

Northwestern on the field so far in 2016? Well, it’s not great. 

Northwestern’s fashion so far in 2016? Pretty darn good.

While the Wildcats haven’t exactly been running away winning contests (in fact, it’s been the other teams that have done a lot of the running), Pat Fitzgerald’s bunch has put out a couple pretty good looking outfits, including in the season opener against Western Michigan: 


Photo Credit: David Banks, Getty Images

I was certainly a big fan of the white-purple-white combo, which mixed well with Western Michigan’s brown outfits (seriously though, who wears brown in sports? Clearly only awful teams. Terrible, awful sports color) 

Now,  Northwestern will be forced into wearing their white jersey’s for the first time in 2016. Personally, I’m a bigger fan of the white jerseys than I am the purple ones. The Northwestern striping stands out more, and it just makes Northwestern a better looking team. With Saturday being homecoming in Iowa City, and the Wildcats looking to play spoiler, it is paramount they not only look good, but look like Northwestern.  Given the fact that I’ll be on the call this Saturday, I wanted to take this opportunity to #PICKTHESWAG Northwestern could bring out Saturday morning against the Hawkeyes (also, I didn’t want to do my Art History reading. 150 pages the second week of class?! Seriously?!). 


As far as we know, the wildcats have three “standard” helmet options: Purple, white, and black. Considering that Northwestern will be playing against a team that has black as its primary color, I think the ‘Cats should leave the black lids at home. While I’m a big fan of the white helmets, I prefer the purple ones just a tiny bit more, especially for a game with such a color scheme as Iowa. Save the white shells for Michigan State, bring on the classic purple look.


It will be white. 

(that was easy)


Yet again, the Wildcats have the three standard options as far as colors are concerned: white, purple, and black. Because we picked the purple helmet earlier, I have to leave the black pants on the side. For road games, those should only be pared with the black helmets (maybe against Minnesota?). Once again, we’re left with purple vs. white. I like both of these looks, even with the purple helmet. I thought the Wildcats looked really good against Tennessee last year: 


Quick Aside: Tennessee looks incredible. Vols, don’t ever wear anything else. Just don’t. 

However, I have a soft spot for the purple pants. I really, really like that look. Also, Northwestern’s best win in my time at this school came wearing purple shells, white tops, purple pants: 


Photo Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports 

I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

So, Pat Fitzgerald, Clayton Thorson, Willie the Wildcat, whoever it is that makes these decisions, do me this one solid. Make Northwestern the best looking team on the field Saturday and pick these uniforms. Seriously, do it. 


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